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do you staple a two page resume

do you staple a two page resume

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Dec 7, 2012 - Your resume must be printed on a single side of a crisp, white sheet of paper. If you have multiple pages, staple them together. Do not rely on .

CPDC Handbook - Chapter 3- Applying - Lewis & Clark Law School

Aug 17, 2015 - If you do use a two-page résumé, put the important information on. upper left hand corner of the second sheet and staple the pages together.

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Every word you put on your resume should somehow be relevant to that job.. If you are preparing a two-page resume, writing work reviews include your name at the top of the second page and make sure the most marketable. Do not fold or staple your resume.

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A résumé is a marketing document and you should do whatever is most helpful in presenting analyzing a concept essay topics. A two page résumé is fine if you have the experience to justify it.

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Resumes and Curriculum Vitae cover letter for a job resume. The University of Toledo. Career Services. One or two pages in length. ▫ Focused. Name and page number beginning on second page. ▫ Do not staple. Style. professionally and can speak highly of you.

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considerable experience, native american essay topics you don't need two pages.. Your CV is your ticket to an interview where you can sell yourself!. Do not fold or staple your resume.

risingstars | Audition Tips, Part II: Headshots and Resumes

If you have more credits than can fit on a one-page resume, list only the most. If you choose the latter option, the smooth side of the staple should be on the .

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Example 8 (pg 23) –– Social Work two page resume and a condensing experience statement. Example 9 (pg. focus on projects that most closely simulate work similar to what you will do in the position you are. •Do not staple or fold. If you  engineering college essay.

Can my resume exceed one page? - The Campus Career Coach

Jun 14, 2013 - If my resume is two pages long, should I print it double-sided on a single. Before you put anything on your resume, ask yourself : “Why do .